Our Staff


Funtastic Tours Company Ltd was incorporated in 2012 to cater to the growing demand for shore excursions in the Turks and Caicos Islands. We operate guided ATV Tours providing guests with a fun, adventurous time, whilst ensuring the safety of the passengers at all times. We have obtained personal liability insurance (from AON) to complement our local insurance. We are also a member of the Florida Caribbean Cruise-ship Association (FCCA).

Our tour staff has extensive experience in the industry. We at Funtastic believe in the health and safety of all our guests. As such, our company’s founding father, Reynold, who functions in the capacity of Health and Safety Liaison is a champion in this field and has both regional and international accreditation and certification. Our dynamic very experienced Management Team, Reynold, Cynthia – a number crunching guru, and our Consultants provide strategic direction and financial stability to make Funtastic Tours become the market leader in the industry. Added to this, our Tour Operators and Dispatcher have numerous years of experience having worked with other companies in the industry. We have a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that we obtain the best employees to work in the organization. Our experienced staff complement as well as our technical and financial resources put us way ahead of the competition and enable us to provide an exceptional product by ensuring that our guests obtain value for money.

Funtastic Tours runs a professional guided ATV tour and we pride ourselves in ‘leading the way in Health and Safety’. Our Health and Safety Liaison accompanies each guided tour and briefs guests before going on the tour. All ATVs are outfitted with indicators, side mirrors, back rests and horns as an extra means of precaution. We are the only tour company on the island that has blue tooth communication for all guests utilizing the ATVs. The blue tooth serves as a dual purpose; to narrate during the tour as well as to give instructions and ensure the safety of guests. All guests are given a test drive to see how well they can operate the ATVs prior to the tour. Each guest is given their own safety gear which consists of reflective vests and helmets. In addition, there are rain coats in each ATV in case of rainy weather.

The ATVs are checked by the company’s mechanic and signed off by the Health and Safety Liaison before every tour. In the event that something is wrong with one of the ATVs, arrangements are made to ensure the safety of our guests at all times. We have comprehensive safety manuals, incident report forms, maintenance log registers, inventory list, guest waivers and participant information forms. Added to this, is a passenger feedback form given to guests after the completion of the tour in order to obtain comments that assist us in continuously improving our services.

All staff wear uniforms with the company’s name as well as name tags for easy identification. Our fleet of vehicles is the same color (red) to ensure consistency and easy identification. Each unit is numbered and has the name Funtastic Tours written on its plate as well as on the helmets. The staff at Funtastic Tours undergoes an intense training program on health and safety, first aid, how to operate the ATVs as well as customer service. The Health and Safety Liaison holds weekly meetings with staff to review all operational issues. We can boast about operational efficiency as all staff is on site at least thirty five (35) minutes prior to tour departures and ensures that signage and all logistics are in place.

Funtastic Tours abides by the motto, ‘The Customer is King’. Each guest is provided with a pair of binoculars to enjoy the panoramic views and breathtaking flora and fauna of the island. We ensure that at all times; guests receive value for their money and have a great time doing so.