US Air force Base

First stop is the old U.S. Navy Base & Missile Tracking Station. Known as the Pan Am base, On August 22, 1955 the Grand Turk base became operational. The purpose of the base was to track long range missiles launched from the United States.


Town Capital Drive

Grand Turk is the Nation’s capital. Driving through Cockburn town you will find many rustic, colonial and historical buildings.


Old Town Jetty

Get a glance at the old jetty located on front street in town. Seize the opportunity to view the crystal clear turquoise ocean.


Circle of Life 

Circle of Life Reef. Includes conch, sea urchins, turtles, jelly fishes, sea cucumbers, star fishes and sea centipedes just to name a few. See and touch these unique creatures.


Stop at the Salt Museum

In the 1600’s the salt trade was thriving in the Turks Islands. The Salt Museum in-
cludes many exhibits related to the salt industry and it’s history on the island. There is a gift shop where a large variety of locally made items and souvenirs are available.


John Glenn Space Capsule

On February 20th, 1962 the shuttle landed in the waters just off Grand Turk. Glenn was the first American to orbit the earth.